A letter from the Chair:  Membership 2020/2021

A note to let you know what is happening with the North West Association of Civic Trusts and Societies (NWACTS). 
If you are still the correct contact person for your organisation, please let us know: also if you are not, or if your group is no longer there. 

After a few years of uncertainty, I am now pleased to be able to say that NWACTS is ready to take on a new lease of life. We have a Committee of eight members (from Kendal, Lancaster, Rossendale, Blackpool, Bolton, Merseyside and Manchester Societies) with a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and new Treasurer: we also have a healthy bank account. This gives us the security, with a good overview of the Region, to renew the links with other groups which we had in the past. 

At our Committee Meeting in January 2020, we decided to open up Membership to all North West Civic and Amenity Societies this year WITHOUT A MEMBERSHIP FEE and have extended this into 2021 in light of the current situation regarding the pandemic.  As we are independently constituted, our member groups have NO NEED TO BE REGISTERED WITH CIVIC VOICE but should have a relevant Constitution which enables them to carry our their Civic duties in a responsible manner; the old Civic Trust model is a good base. 

The original intention of independent Regional groups was to enable contact between like-minded organisations without reliance on a central body. Civic Voice has, in the last few years, recognised the important role that Regional organisations play in providing links between their members, and now holds quarterly meetings of representatives from all Regions. 

I do hope this has cleared some issues that have been passed on to us, and that we will see or hear from you soon  – this year, with NO MEMBERSHIP FEE: just an indication of your interest and wish to be kept in contact. 

Yours sincerely

Kathy Fishwick (Chair)    

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